Public Advocacy & Communications

Gateway Public Solutions specializes in achieving public advocacy goals through an integrated “grassroots/grasstops” strategy. Our success is built on three factors:

  • First, our contacts in government affairs are second to none. Our relationships go beyond the rolodex to personal contacts that will provide the information and context crucial to success.
  • Second, our professionals have years of experience in government service. We understand how public agencies and officials develop agendas, implement policies, and process information, thus enabling us to craft a message and strategy honed for success.
  • Third, Gateway Public Solutions has a history of successfully mobilizing elected officials, business communities, interest groups, activists, and individuals in favor of a candidate, issue, or public project. We know what it takes to build a critical mass of support for a public initiative, and can get it done.

Federal, state, and local government provide countless opportunities to organizations that know how to reach them. Gateway Public Solution will work with you to craft a successful strategy to take advantage of this ever-growing marketplace. From creating a game plan to orchestrating the final closing meeting, Gateway Public Solutions will be with you every step of the way.

Gateway Public Solutions can also aid your company or non-profit in obtaining government grants, loans, tax incentives, or contracts. We will help formulate a competitive proposal that fits the needs of both your organization and the relevant government agency.