Gateway Public Solutions specializes in achieving public advocacy goals through an integrated “grassroots/grasstops” strategy. Our success is built on three factors:

  • First, our contacts in government affairs are second to none. Our relationships go beyond the rolodex to personal contacts that will provide the information and context crucial to success.
  • Second, our professionals have years of experience in government service. We understand how public agencies and officials develop agendas, implement policies, and process information, thus enabling us to craft a message and strategy honed for success.
  • Third, Gateway Public Solutions has a history of successfully mobilizing elected officials, business communities, interest groups, activists, and individuals in favor of a candidate, issue, or public project. We know what it takes to build a critical mass of support for a public initiative, and can get it done.

Gateway Public Solutions | 2 Oliver Street | Suite 604 | Boston, MA 02109 | 617-933-8140 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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